Define gender sensitivity. How is it essential in a 21st-century corporate environment?

Gender sensitivity means when you are sensitive towards the other gender in terms of respect, behavior, language, gestures, day to day interaction; acknowledging the equality within gender relations.

In the 21st Century, women €1fe rising to the challenges, creating a space for themselves, and excelling in various professions. One can perceive a gradual shift in favor of women who are considered more reliable, serious, and disciplined than men. In the past 100 odd years, there have been so many women achievers:
Kalpana Chawla, Barkha Dutt, Kiran Bedi, Sunita Williams, Shabana Azmi, Renuka Chaudhary, Arundhati Roy, etc. Women have been excelling m their chosen fields which are as diverse as art, entertainment, journalism, space, banking, finance, academics, medicine, IT. These women are regularly covered in prominent magazines/ newspapers. These women stepped out of their homes, broke stereotypes, and are an inspiration to millions of women who are trying to emulate them. Today parents are willing to educate their daughters and are thinking about life beyond marriage for their girls.

Companies that are catering to multicultural societies and markets are seriously restructuring their recruitment policies. Gender disparity is recognized as a serious problem and steps are taken to adopt gender-friendly policies. Companies are rolling out the red carpet for professional women by training and investing in gender diversity programs. Nowadays women are sought after not for the stereotype of the attractive faces of the company but because women represent a large pool of untapped talent; women add a new dimension to the management groups. Women are instrumental in introducing an ·alternative perspective of the negotiating table. Women are experts m multi-tasking, innovating, thinking out of the box and these qualities they bring to the board room/workplace. Companies seek creative viewpoints, new perspectives and lateral thinking and women provide all these ‘aspects so that competition can, tackled head-on.
Thus if women are given their respective dues in the workplace then gender sensitivity can be properly implemented.

Define gender sensitivity. How is it essential in a 21st-century corporate environment? Download pdf.

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