Define Para Language

Para language means ‘like a language’. Nonverbal aspects of the spoken words are known as Paralanguage.

Feature of Paralanguage

1. Voice

 When we talk of voice we have to keep three things in mind

  • Tone -The quality of voice is called tone. Volume is the softness or loudness of voice changed according to the audience and the distance between speaker and listener; a loud tone indicates aggression which has a negative impact.
  • Speed is another feature of a voice. Rapid speech indicates excitement or nervousness. Other qualities like clear pronunciation, good accent, rhythm are also important.
  • Pitch — High or low note of the scale. A high note is usually louder and heard at a long distance. A high-pitched voice is often jarring.
  • Stress on words — Stress on a particular word or syllable can convert the original meaning of the sentence.

2. Pause or Silence

An effective way of communication. A pause before or after certain words can make the words stand out from the rest. Silence can be used, deliberately to convey certain feelings like anger or displeasure.

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