Define Proxemics

Define Proxemics

The study of space as a communicative system is defined as Proxemics. It is the way people structure space around them. The study of distance in social settings. This can be done with visual cues, such as from eye contact or gestures, using sound and other physical properties like smell and taste. Proxemics meaning Proxemics refers to how the human body communicates with other humans and basic life functions. The properties of sounds, smells, temperature are used to not only establish a place but also size within that space among other things (e.g., social/behavioral rules.)

The 1st definition above states that proxemics is about understanding physical cues as well as immaterial ones such as eye contact or gestures in order for communication between people to occur. This is called nonverbal communication because while language can communicate words and meaning within sentences, these subtle physical cues are important in articulating a person’s social relationships with others around them. We also use other sensory avenues of interaction such as taste (e.g., eating) or smell(s). During my research on the issue, I came across how proxemics according to Myers some children may not become good at communicating by sound.

Americans divide personal space into four distinct zones

• The Public zone starts at about 12 feet from the person and stretches back to the limits of sight.
• The Social zone reaches from 4 to 12 feet.
• The personal zone ranges from 2 to 4 feet.
• The Intimate zone stretches from 0 to 2 feet.

These things should be kept in mind when we talk of space and surroundings


Messages are represented by objects. Not only hairstyles, jewelry, clothing but also the aesthetic aspect of spaces and use of color becomes its feature. E.g., A space decoration and design of an office.


Our environment is well designed to communicate meanings.


 Human beings like to protect and control their space. One feels angry when someone occupies one’s assigned seat.

Seating Arrangement

A comfortable arrangement for 2 people at a table is to sit corner to corner. This allows for maximum eye contact. Thus, our choice of seats is another important feature of proxeni’s

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