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What are the features of an online service sector? What are the major online service companies?

Online Service sector helps in offering different services to the people, consumers, businesses and government with the help of internet. There are many kinds of services which have been offered to the public over the internet like financial services, banking services. travel, insurance, education and many more. Nowadays, the technology is so advanced that you can handle your bank accounts from your home and can easily transfer and accepts payments from anywhere in the world. It saves the time and efforts of people so that they can do their work with the ease.

Features of online services

The service sector is the biggest and quickest developing division of the economy of progressed industrialized countries. Service industries are industries that offer services to customers, businesses, governments, and any other organizations.

The major groups in the service industry are FIRE, occupational services, and health services. Within these service industry sets, companies can be divided as marketable mediators and suppliers of “processing” services. The service sector is generally considered knowledge and information-intensive industry, with some expectations. Because of this reason, a lot of services are particularly appropriate for e-commerce and the ease of the Internet. The quick growth of e-commerce services in finance, as well as insurance, real estate, travel, and employment, is demonstrated by the perspective of these companies:

  • Gather, store and distribute high-significance information,
  • Giving quick and consistent connectivity,
  • Personalization and customization of services or service components.

E-commerce offers exceptional opportunities to improve turnover efficiency in an industry where productivity has not been significantly affected by the explosion of information technology.

Major Online service sector companies are

  • On-line financial services
  • On-line banking services
  • On-line travel services
  • On-line career services
  • On-line insurance services
  • On-line insurance companies
  • On-line stock trading

Some examples of Online service companies are

  • Inter Active Corp.
  • Real Networks
  • Yahoo!
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Ebay

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