What is the difference between Intranet Extranet and Internet?

Based on their scope in an organization, the networks can be classified into Intranet, Extranet, and Internet.

  1. Intranet. A network, that connects the various computer systems and other networks within an organization, is called the Intranet. It uses the same hardware and software that is used on the Internet for networking. The intranet provides networking facilities only to internal employees and customers. It makes use of the software called a firewall to stop unauthorized consumers from using network resources. It uses browsers, TCP/IP protocols as well as client-server architecture for accessing the network and for communication. It enables an organization to provide basic services of the Internet to its employees and business partners and it enables them to communicate effectively and quickly, share information, software, and other computing resources. Intranet is widely used in organizations because it uses the same software as the Internet which is used by most computer systems worldwide. Besides, a low development and maintenance cost is one of its important advantages. It also enables fast and easy dissemination of information.
  2. Extranet. Extranets are the extended networks that enable users in an organization to share information with its business partners through the internet. It is a mixture of the public internet and the secured intranet. It extends the organization’s intranet to the outsiders such as merchants, business partners, and suppliers. But they do not have access to the internal parts of its intranet. It allows only significant customers and the top suppliers to access the internal information of the organization. It allows faster time to market, higher customer loyalty, and improved communication with the business partners.
  3. Internet. The Internet is known as the global structure of computer networks. It is a network of networks that lets users share information on connected computers. The term “Internet” is composed of two words: interconnection and network. It comprises various separately administrated networks having various sizes and types. Each of these networks contains dozens of computers. In addition, the total number of Internet users is known to be millions. With a high level of online communication, there is a high level of communication, sharing of resources, and access to information.

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